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About the Sharing Joy Project

What has brought you joy through the difficulties of 2020? All members of the IU School of Medicine and IU Health communities are invited to submit their creative works for the Sharing Joy Project, a virtual exhibit intended to build community, share ideas and express positivity during this unprecedented time.

Reflecting on the unique challenges of 2020, members of IU Health and IU School of Medicine at all levels—staff, students, residents, fellows, faculty and administrators—have continued to perform their duties and engage in patient care, education and research despite the incredible stressors brought by COVID-19, along with civil and political unrest. Many have found ways to be hopeful, share joy, demonstrate resilience and process the uncertainties of 2020 through creative endeavors.

Anyone affiliated with IU Health or IU School of Medicine is invited to submit original works of art, stories, music, writing, photographs, favorite recipes, videos of hobbies and activities—anything that brings personal joy.

There is significant data to support that being grateful and seeking joy is associated with overall well-being. The Sharing Joy Project seeks to inspire everyone in the academic and health care community to find joy in their own life and elevate the collective community values of compassion, team building, purpose, diversity, respect and cooperation.

Join the Joy Movement

Submissions will be reviewed for acceptability for public display by the project review panel and will remain the property of the submitter. View all submission guidelines and submit your entry here.